Best Posters



P001 | An exceptional case of association of cutaneous Langerhans cell histiocytosis and coeliac disease in a child
Monnier J.*, Morand J.-J., Roman C., Oudin C., Macagno N., Hesse S., Gaudy-Marqueste C., Monestier S., Richard M.-A., Grob J.-J., Mallet S. (Marseille, France)

P002 | Severe aplastic anemia associated with eosinophilic fasciitis : report of pediatric case.
Victoria M.*, Benoit S., Claire O., Vincent B., Catherine C., Claire G., Sylvie H., Caroline G.-M., Nicolas M., Nathalie C., Gerard M., Jean-jacques G., Marie-aleth R., Stephanie M. (Marseille, France)

P116 | More than white patches, white halos, white hairs: Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome
Hamm* H., Reichel A., Meyer-ter-Vehn T., Wobser M., Holl-Wieden A. (Würzburg, Germany)


P003 | Using negative pressure wound treatment in a neonate with epidermolysis bullosa
Schwieger-Briel A.*, Schlueer A.-B., Schiestl C., Theiler M., Weibel L. (Zurich, Switzerland)

P004 | Kaposi varicelliform eruption in a patient with Dowling-Meara epidermolysis bullosa
Abasq-Thomas C., Huguen J*., Fraitag S., Misery L. (Brest, France)


P005 | Thalidomide in pediatric resistant recurrent aphthous stomatitis
Chasseuil E., Aubert H., Tessier M.-H., Tiriau S., Poignant S., Barbarot S.* (Nantes, France)

P006 | Pustular psoriasis and palmoplantar keratoderma (PPK) with features of ectodermal dysplasia and mutation in the plakin domain of the desmoplakin gene – a new entity or mere coincidence?
Volc-Platzer B., Gruber R., Rainer G.* (Vienna, Austria)


P007 | Topical sirolimus as an effective treatment for a deep neurofibroma in a patient with neurofibromatosis type I.
Levy J. M. S., Fiorillo L.* (Edmonton, Canada)

P008 | Natural history of cutaneous changes in pseudoxanthoma elasticum
Navasiolava N., Maréchal-Girault S., Pararajasingam A., Croué A., Leftheriotis G., Martin L.* (Angers, France)

P009 | Skin fragility-woolly hair syndrome
Mestach L.*, Legius E., Goeteyn M., Morren M.-A. (Leuven, Belgium)

P010 | Papillon–Lefèvre syndrome: Case series of 6 patients and identification of a novel mutation
Tekin B.*, Yucelten D., Beleggia F., Sarig O., Sprecher E. (Istanbul, Turkey)

P011 | Ehlers-Danlos arthrochalasic or cardiac type? Case report
Chiriac A. E., Pinteala T., Butnariu L., Chiriac A.* (iasi, Romania)

P012 | Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndrome in a child: a disturbing genetic case.
Bernier V.*, Debray F.-G., Pêtre J., Philippet P. (Liège, Belgium)

P013 | Functional analysis of LEMD3 mutation in Buschke-Ollendorff syndrome
Hagiwara C.*, Nakano H., Sawamura D., Korekawa A. (Hirosaki, Japan)

P014 | GAPO syndrome with growth hormone deficiency
Sahel H., Ait Sahnoune G., Otsmane F., BOUADJAR B.* (Alger, Algeria)

P015 | Collodion baby diagnosed with ichthyosis variegata at the age of 3 years
Pallesen K. A. U.*, Hertz J. M., Fischer J., Hotz A., Clemmensen O., Bygum A. (Odense C, Denmark)

P016 | Cutaneous Granular Cell Tumor in Noonan syndrome
Zavattaro E.*, Guala A., Selicorni A., Farinelli P., Giacalone A., Colombo E. (Novara, Italy)

P017 | Mosaic neurofibromatosis type 1. unreported findings and systemic anomalies in a series of 39 children
Vazquez-Osorio I., Duat-Rodriguez A., García-Martínez F.-J., Torrelo A., Noguera-Morel L., Hernandez-Martin A.* (Gijon, Spain)

P018 | Primary erythromelalgia caused by an idenitifable genetic mutation and treated with a targeted therapy.
Wlodek C.*, Kelly A., Shaw L. (Bristol, United Kingdom)

P019 | Reflectance confocal microscopy as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome management
Oliveira A.*, Mendes-Bastos P., Zalaudek I. (Lisboa, Portugal)

P020 | Hereditary ichthyosis and achieving the oral mucosa, retrospective study of 33 cases
Omar B. S.*, Amina L. (Tlemcen, Algeria)

P021 | Dermatologic examination revealing Carney complex in a 6-year old girl with ischemic cerebellar stroke
Abasq-Thomas C.*, Acquitter M., Laparra V., Peudenier S., Clauser E., Misery L. (Brest, France)

P022 | Albino day hospital: a multidisciplinary approach helping for diagnosis and management of the patients
Morice-Picard F.*, Paya C., Lasseaux E., Labrèze C., Dutkiewicz A.-S., Boralevi F., Arveiler B., Taieb A. (Bordeaux, France)

P023 | Compound heterozygous mutations in COL7A1 gene in a girl with unusual phenotype of Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa
Colmant C.*, Sznajer Y., Baeck M., Kamsteeg E.-J., Spanoudi-Kitrimi I., Tennstedt D., Dekeuleneer V. (Brussels, Belgium)

P024 | Evaluation of learning disabilities in segmental neurofibromatosis
Marmottant-Debled E., Chiaverini C.*, Fossoud C., Passeron T., Barbarot S., Lacour J.-P. (Nice, France)

P025 | Acanthosis nigricans, hyponchondroplasia and FGFR3 mutation: four cases and review of the literature
Muguet Guenot L., Aubert H.*, Isidor B., Toutain A., Mazereeuw-Hautier J., Collet C., Bourrat E., Barbarot S. (Nantes, France)

P026 | Two cases of extensive postzygotic mosaicism in epidermolytic ichthyosis closely mimicking a classical form of epidermolytic ichthyosis
Severino M.*, Tournier E., Chassaing N., Jonca N., Mazereuuw-hautier J. (Toulouse, France)

P028 | Dermoscopy of basal cell carcinoma in patients with xeroderma pigmentosum
Radia C.*, Salim G., FZ M. (Fez, Morocco)

P029 | Pediatric pilomatricomas in Kabuki syndrome
Marcoux D.*, Schreiber A., Coulombe J., Bernier F.-E. (Québec, Canada)


P030 | Halo scalp ring in three children
Garritsen F.*, de Graaf M., Toonstra J. (Utrecht, Netherlands)

P031 | Anterior cervical hypertrichosis: Report of 2 cases
Kieselova K.*, Santiago F., Guiote V., Henrique M. (Leiria, Portugal)

P117 | Clinical Features and Treatment Outcome in Nine Patients with Netherton Syndrome and Influence of Immunoglobulin on Hair Growth
Niculescu* L., Wollenberg A., Thomas P., Schmidt, Renner E.,Wolff H., Notheis G., Braun-Falco M., Oji4 V., Ruzicka T.,Fischer J., Giehl K. (Munich, Germany)


P032 | When Deficits Result in Excess: The Irony of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
A 1-year-old female with Maple Syrup Urine Disease presenting with Acrodermatitis Enteropathicalike lesions
Abad R. M. R.*, Lazo-Dizon J. P. (Manila, Philippines)

P033 | Skin rash in a GLUT1 deficient adolescent
Norrenberg S.*, Bonafé L., Hohl D., Christen-Zäch S. (Lausanne, Switzerland)

P034 | Acrodermatitis enteropathica-like syndrome
Kazandjieva J.*, Guleva D., Sonya M., Nikolova A. (Sofia, Bulgaria)


P035 | Hallermann- Streiff Syndrome: a new case and difficulties in management
Fatma Zohra Z., fatma zohra D., ryma O., sidi dris A., Bakar B.* (ALGIERS, Algeria)

P036 | Mosaic ectodermal dysplasia-skin fragility syndrome: first reported case
Rodriguez Diaz E.*, Vazquez Osorio I., Gonzalez Sabin M., Bueno E., Gonzalvo P., Torrelo A. (Gijon, Spain)

P037 | A patient with trisomy 20 mosaicism presenting as Hypomelanosis of Ito
Coelho de Sousa V.*, Marques I., Cordeiro A. I., Paiva Lopes M. J. (Lisboa, Portugal)

P038 | Somatic HRAS, PIK3CA and FGFR3 gene mutations in keratinocytic epidermal naevi: a case series.
Denorme P.*, Morren M.-A., Brems H., Spaepen M., Legius E. (Leuven, Belgium)

P039 | Nevus of striated muscle with segmental hypertrophy: presentation of 3 cases
Torrelo A.*, Boente M. D. C., Noguera-Morel L., Hernández-Martín A., Colmenero I., Asial R., Requena L. (Madrid, Spain)

P040 | Goltz syndrome: a new case in a male patient.
Grandpeix Guyodo C.*, Popovic K., Hjartarson H., Darafshian H., Nordgren A., Magnusson I. (Stockholm, Sweden)

P041 | Neonatal cutis laxa in Sotos syndrome
Bou-assi E.*, Bonniaud B., Grimaldi M., Olivier-Faivre L., Vabres P. (DIJON, France)

P042 | Mutational spectrum of PIK3CA in CLOVES and MCAP syndromes
Kuentz P., Duffourd Y., Olivier-Faivre L., Rivière J.-B., Vabres P.* (DIJON, France)


P043 | Iatrogenic skin disorders and related factors in newborn infants
Csoma Z. R.*, Doró P., Meszes A., Ábrahám R., Tálosi G. (Szeged, Hungary)

P044 | Cutaneous lesions in healthy neonates and their relationship with maternal-neonatal factors
Ábrahám R.*, Meszes A., Bakki J., Gyurkovits Z., Orvos H., Csoma Z. R. (Szeged, Hungary)

P045 | Congenital smooth muscle hamartoma mimicking cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita
Buechner A.*, Theiler M., Weibel L. (Zurich, Switzerland)

P046 | Characterization of dry skin in vitro and in vivo in a pediatric population
Brédif S., Boyer G.*, Bellemère G., Moga A., de Belilovsky C., BAUDOUIN C. (EPERNON, France)

P047 | Eczema bleeding: key sign in the early diagnosis of Glanzmann disease in an infant
Martín-Santiago A.*, Garcia-Recio M., Knöpfel N., Ferrés L., Hervás D., Bauzá A., Galmés B. (PALMA DE MALLORCA, Spain)

P048 | An unconventional rash
Magnano M., Neri I., Loi C., Patrizi A.*, Bergamaschi R., Gennari M. (Bologna, Italy)

P049 | Typical vascular and pigmentary dermoscopic pattern of capillary malformations in CM-AVM syndrome: report of three cases.
Gandon C., Bonniaud B., Collet E., Dalac S., Jeudy G., Vabres P.* (Dijon, France)

P050 | Mosaic Activating FGFR2 Mutation in Two Foetuses with Exophytic Papillomatous Pedunculated Sebaceous Naevus.
Kuentz P., Fraitag S., Gonzales M., Dhombres F., Duffourd Y., Olivier-Faivre L., Rivière J.-B., Vabres P.* (DIJON, France)


P051 | Aquagenic syringeal acrokeratoderma in a 13-year old boy - a case report
Zychowska M., Baran W.* (Wroclaw, Poland)

P052 | A de-novo CARD14 mutation in an infant with severe erythroderma
Schwieger-Briel A.*, Technau K., Fischer J., Has C. (Zurich, Switzerland)

P053 | « Théo et les psorianautes » (Théo and the Psorianautes) a serious game developed for children with psoriasis
Aubin M., Piérard N., Mahé E.* (Argenteuil, France)

P054 | Psoriasis can it be associated with contact sensitization in childhood?
Korbi M.*, Belhadjali H., Kammoun S., Youssef M., Mohamed M., Akkari H., Soua Y., Henchi M. A., Zili J. (Monastir, Tunisia)




P055 | Lucie Frey syndrome complicating trigemenal nerve zoster in a child: a rare presentation
Ramid H.*, Hali F., Chiheb S. (Casablanca, Morocco)

Thouvenin M.-D., Saint Aroman M.*, Rossi A. B. (Lavaur, France)

P057 | Follicular keratosis of the chin – familial occurrence and impressive effect of topical treatment with tacalcitol
Buechner A.*, Theiler M., Weibel L. (Zurich, Switzerland)

P058 | Familial Frey syndrome: is it only of peripheral nerve origin?
Monia Y., Korbi M.*, benchieikh R., Soua Y., Belhadjali H., Zili J. (Monastir, Tunisia)


P059 | Dermatologic Manifestations of Hyper IgE syndrome: study of 19 cases
Ramid H.*, Hali F., Khadir K., Chiheb S. (Casablanca, Morocco)

P060 | Evaluation of new therapeutic molecules on infants with moderate atopic dermatitis: effect on SCORAD and Quality of Life of patients.
Rouaud-Tinguely P., Boudier D.*, Le Guillou M., Bordes S., Closs B. (Saint-Viance, France)

P061 | The Efficacy of Omalizumab in Patients of Childhood Onset Atopic Dermatitis with High Serum IgE
Kuo K.-L.*, Wang C.-W., Chung W.-H. (Keelung, Taiwan, Province of China)

P062 | Ex vivo evaluation of the effects of niacinamide and phytosterols on epidermal barrier recovery following damage
Gasparri F.*, Marconi A., Pincelli C. (Casalfiumanese, Italy)

P063 | The significance of a short term structured educational program for parents of children with atopic dermatitis on the quality of family life
Pustisek N.*, Šitum M., Vurnek Zivkovic Vurnek M. (Zagreb, Croatia)

P064 | Cyclosporin therapy in children with severe atopic dermatitis. efficacy and adverse effects profile assessment.
Hernandez-Martin A.*, Noguera-Morel L., Torrelo A., Bernardo-Cuesta B., Perez-Martin M.-A., Aparicio-Lopez C., de Lucas-Collantes C. (Madrid, Spain)

P065 | Association atopic dermatitis and psoriasis in moroccan children
Elfatoiki F. Z.*, fouzia H., khadir K., chiheb S. (casablanca, Morocco)

P067 | A new marker of atopic dermatitis
Korbi M.*, Belhadjali H., Soua Y., Youssef M., Mohamed M., Henchi M. A., Zili J. (Monastir, Tunisia)

P068 | How patient-reported outcomes can be useful in routine practice in children with atopic dermatitis?
Barbarot S.*, Aubert H., Stalder J.-F. (Nantes, France)

P069 | Reduced pruritus and signs of atopic dermatitis in phase 3 trials with a nonsteroidal topical phosphodiesterase inhibitor, crisaborole
Hebert A., Eichenfield L.*, Lebwohl M., Paller A., Simpson E., Tom W., Spellman M., Hughes M., Zane L. (San Diego, United States)

P070 | Long-term safety of crisaborole in children and adults with mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis
Eichenfield L.*, Call R., Forsha D., Fowler J., Hebert A., Spellman M., Stein Gold L., Van Syoc M., Zane L., Tschen E. (San Diego, United States)


P071 | Antiseptics contact dermatitis in children: not only chlorhexidine…
Darrigade A.-S., Boralevi F*., Labrèze C., Milpied B. (BORDEAUX, France)


P072 | Fixed drug eruption due to an antipyretic drug containing phenobarbital: Interest of patch test!
Korbi M.*, Belhadjali H., Ben Fredj N., Soua Y., Youssef M., Chaabane A., Mohamed M., Aouam K., Zili J. (Monastir, Tunisia)


P073 | «Red penis» in infants: two unusual clinical cases.
Cutrone M.*, Valerio E., Favot F., Mattei I. (Venice, Italy)


P074 | Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis of the child in a refugee camp
El Amraoui M.*, Boui M. (Rabat, Morocco)

P075 | Trends in onychomycosis in the South West of England between 2006-2014.
Wlodek C.*, Trickey A., Johnson E. M. (Bristol, United Kingdom)

P076 | Study of leprosy in chidren
Rao A. G.* (Mahbubnagar, India)

P077 | Coexistence of immunologically divergent types of cutaneous tuberculosis in immunocompetent children -a study
Rao A. G.* (Mahbubnagar, India)

P078 | Cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis in pediatric population: retrospective collection of data on a Hospital
Hernández-Núñez A.*, Freites A., Tardío J., García E., Molina L., Puente de Pablo N., Borbujo J. (Madrid, Spain)

P079 | Novel gain-of-function signal transducer and activator of transcription 1 (STAT1) mutation in chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis
Knöpfel N.*, Escudero-Góngora M. D. M., Martínez Pomar N., Molina Fuentes Á., Lacruz L., Dueñas J., Martín-Santiago A. (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

P080 | Emergence of african species of dermatophytes in tinea capitis: a 16 year experience at a montreal pediatric hospital
Marcoux D.*, Dang J., Gendron R. (montreal, Canada)

P081 | Tinea capitis outbreak among pediatric refugee population, an evolving health care challenge
Mashiah J.*, Kutz A., Benami R., Savion M., Goldberg I., Ganor T., Zidan O., Sprecher E., Harel A. (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

P082 | Topical imiquimod for external anogenital warts in pediatric population: a retrospective study of 23 cases.
Genix M.*, Maruani A., Chiaverini C., Boralevi F., Miquel J., Mahé E., Kupfer-Bessaguet I., Cochat P., Phan A. (BRON, France)

P083 | Adverse reactions due to BCG vaccine: 11 cases
Sellami K., Amouri M., Mseddi M.*, Guirat R., Aloulou H., Ben Mansour L., Kamoun T., Kmiha S., Hachicha M., Turki H. (Sfax, Tunisia)


P084 | ERythropoietic protoporphyria in two brothers
Romero Pérez D.*, González Villanueva I., Encabo Durán B., Hispán Ocete P., Berbegal De Gracia L., De León Marrero F., Betlloch Mas I. (Alicante, Spain)


P085 | Pilot feasibility study: children preference in the choice of galenic formulation in atopic dermatitis: impact on treatment adherence
Kogge A.*, Chavigny J.-M., Aubert H., Barbarot S., stalder J.-F. (Nantes, France)




P086 | Pyoderma gangrenosum in a nursling: atypical presentation
Ramid H.*, Hali F., Chiheb S. (Casablanca, Morocco)

P087 | STING - Associated Vasculopathy with Onset in Infancy: detection of a novel germline point mutation in the TMEM173 gene associated with a mild phenotype.
Van Aerde E.*, Morren M., Van den Oord J., De Haes P., Wouters C., Meyts I., Legius E. (Leuven, Belgium)

P088 | The interest of potassium iodide in auto-inflammatory syndrome
Korbi M.*, Aounallah A., Fetoui Ghariani N., Zeglaoui H., Boussofara L., Mokni S., Saidi W., Denguezli M., Ghariani N., Belaajouza C., Rafiaa N. (Sousse, Tunisia)


P090 | Topical Pimecrolimus for Pediatric Cutaneous Mastocytosis
Mashiah J.*, Kutz A., Bodemer C., Hadj Rabia S., Goldberg I., Sprecher E., Harel A. (Tel-Aviv, Israel)


P091 | Dermoscopy in Pigmented Purpuric Dermatosis
Oliveira A.* (Alvor - Algarve, Portugal)

P092 | Eruptive Lentigines and Abnormal Skin Fold Pigmentation after Nitrogen Mustard Treatment for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
Bernigaud C.*, Bonniaud B., Briandet C., Grimaldi M., Vabres P. (DIJON, France)


P093 | A child pyoderma gangrenosum revealing systemic anaplastic lymphoma
Ramli I. I.*, rachadi H., amarouch H., benzekri L., senouci K., hassam B., Ismaili N. (Rabat, Morocco)

P094 | Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia occurred in infancy
Korekawa A.*, Nakajima K., Nakano H., Sawamura D. (Hirosaki, Japan)

P095 | Infantile myofibromatosis: a case report of a rare condition.
Marques I.*, Coelho de Sousa V., Diamantino F., Cordeiro A. I., Duarte R., Paiva Lopes M. J. (Barreiro, Portugal)

P096 | Lymphomatoid papulosis in children and adolescents: A Systematic Review
Wieser I.*, Wohlmuth C., Nunez C., Duvic M. (Houston, Texas, United States)

P097 | Langerhans cell histiocytosis involving the skin and the thymus: an underestimated association and its prognostic value
Escudero Góngora M. D. M.*, Knöpfel N., Guibelalde M., Amador E., Saus C., Bauzá A., Martín-Santiago A. (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

P098 | Multiple and desmoplastic spitz nevi arising in congenital speckled lentiginous nevus
Valdivielso M.*, Rivera T., Eguren C., Silvente C., Conde E., Martin A., De la Cueva P. (Madrid, Spain)

P099 | A Raccoon Eyes syndrome associated with neuroblastoma in remission
Plaquevent M.*, SAMAIN A., Filhon B., BALGUERIE X., JOLY P. (Rouen, France)

P100 | Spindle cell haemangioma and abnormal skin pigmentation in constitutional mismatch repair deficiency syndrome.
Dhers M.*, Bonniaud B., Bernigaud C., Aubriot-Lorton M. H., Briandet C., Bottollier-Colomb E., Wassef M., Olivier-Faivre L., Vabres P. (DIJON, France)

P101 | Granulomatous mycosis fungoides in an adolescent patient – A rare case and review of the literature.
Wieser I.*, Wohlmuth C., Duvic M. (Salzburg, Austria)

P102 | A case of histiocytosis mimicking a diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis
Belloni Fortina A.*, Fontana E., Salmaso R. (Padova, Italy)

P103 | Sarcoidosis masquering an anaplastic large cell lymphoma in a child.
Marchetti A.*, Balme B., Cochat P., Phan A. (Lyon, France)

P118 | Clinical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects in Five Children with Disseminated Juvenile Xanthogranuloma
Roussel* P., Benoit S., Ruzicka T., Rueff F., Niculescu L., Schmidt H., Hamm H., Giehl K. (Munich, Germany)


P104 | Capillary malformation-arteriovenous malformation syndrome: are all the cutaneous stains actually arteriovenous malformations?
Puente-Pablo N.*, Hernández-Núñez A., Echeverría B., Tardío J. C., Freites A. D., Martínez-Morán C., Martínez-Sánchez D., Borbujo J. (Fuenlabrada, Spain)

P105 | Educational intervention and teledermatology, two tools for reducing the age of assessment and treatment of infantile hemangioma
Betlloch I.*, Azaña J.-M., Martínez-Miravete M.-T. (Alicante, Spain)

P106 | Early use of sirolimus therapy for infants and children with problematic Kaposiform Haemangioendothelioma and tufted angioma.
Tasani M.*, Glover M. (London, United Kingdom)

P107 | Atenolol treatment for severe infantile hemangiomas: a single-centre prospective study
Alexopoulos A.*, Thanopoulou I., Xaidara A., Chrousos G., Kakourou T. (Athens, Greece)

P108 | A kaposiform hemangioendothelioma successfully and safely treated with sirolimus. Should sirolimus be first-line treatment for this indication?
Wlodek C.*, Ng A., Shaw L. (Bristol, United Kingdom)

P109 | Atenonol: an promising alternative therapy to propranolol for the treatment of infantile haemangioma.
Tasani M.*, Shaw L. (London, United Kingdom)

P110 | Linear facial posrt-wine stain: a blaschkolinear mosaicism?
Dutkiewicz A.-S.*, Ezzedine K., Mazereeuw-Hautier J., Lacour J.-P., Barbarot S., Vabres P., Miquel J., Balguerie X., Martin L., Boralevi F., Bessou P., Morice-Picard F., Chateil J.-F., Léauté-Labrèze C. (BORDEAUX, France)

P111 | Haemangioma in an infant whose mother was receiving long-term propranolol treatment during pregnancy
Mechineaud M.*, Nicaise D., Martin L. (Angers, France)

P112 | Rapidly and partially involutive congenital hemangiomas: a retrospective study of 51 cases
Boccara O.*, Ronjat L., Gurioli C., Hubiche T., Boralevi F., Bodemer C., Léauté-Labrèze C. (Paris, France)

P113 | Validity of centralized photographic assessment of treatment response in infantile hemangioma.
Vabres P.*, Liacu D., Léauté-Labrèze C., Delarue A., Voisard J.-J. (DIJON, France)

P114 | Association of infantile hemangioma location with presentation at birth
Hars B., Bonniaud B.*, Devilliers H., Perez-Martin S., Vabres P. (DIJON, France)

P115 | Multiple segmental congenital hemangiomas
Bursztejn A.-C.*, Goffinet L., Journeau P., Simon E., Mainard L. (Nancy, France)